Good Neighbours have been contacted by Lucy and Mark in Northborough and have agreed to support with communications across Parish Councils, together with the Editor of the Village Tribune.

People will be aware of the news of the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme ( – (announced 14th March) where individuals, charities, businesses and communities are being invited to accommodate those coming to the UK to flee the war.

Whilst everyone is, of course, able to respond in any way they wish, the creation of a coordinated local response may help to create a network of those who plan to assist and make doing so potentially easier and less daunting. This may involve supporting those coming from Ukraine with guest accommodation, getting them set up and settled within our community, meeting their practical needs and for those guests wanting it, enabling them to meet and connect with others in a similar situation being hosted within our area. This is about our community offering friendship and welcome, rather than seeking to provide ‘professional’ support which is anticipated to come from other sources.

Lucy and Mark Malcolm from Northborough are willing to coordinate a response network within the local area (the villages on the north side of Peterborough). They have registered with both the Government ‘Homes for Ukraine’ website as well as one of the established humanitarian/refugee support bodies, The Sanctuary Foundation, who are aggregating and facilitating community responses across the UK.

Lucy and Mark would be keen to hear from any other individuals/households/groups within the area who are interested in connecting as refugees begin arriving – please get in touch with them via